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Filberts – Blanched, Raw

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Blanched, raw filberts or hazelnuts are prepared and ready to include in confections, ice cream or baked goods. Their strong, distinctive flavor pairs perfectly with chocolate. Rich in unsaturated fats and a host of vitamins, filberts are a heart-healthy snack or ingredient.

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Ingredients: Filberts

3 reviews for Filberts – Blanched, Raw

  1. Deborah Ostendorff (verified owner)

    These are already blanched (thus getting rid of at least some of the lectins). They are fresh and last a long time (though we eat them up pretty fast). By buying the 10 pound bag we spend a fraction of the price the grocery stores charges. I use these with cashews to make nut butter.

  2. Deborah Ostendorff (verified owner)

    Buying these in bulk, you save so much money over the grocery store price. These are already blanched, so if you have a high powered blender or food processor, you can make great nut butter with them. They are fresh and yummy.

  3. Alisa Mbinakar (verified owner)

    I bought this as part of my first order. I absolutely love them. I injured my dominant hand and had to freeze them until heal but I definitely ate a lot of them. Price and quality are excellent. Can’t wait for my next variety of nuts.

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