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As a seller of high-quality nuts and popcorn, it is important to us that we assure our buyers they are receiving the best and safest products possible.

Safe Quality Food (SQF) CertificationBeing awarded the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification, Edition 8, by the Safe Quality Food Institute exemplified our customer-centric priority.

This certification is a globally recognized and trusted program for companies who want to show their commitment to both quality and safety.

Earning an SQF certification for popcorn and nut roasting means that C.J. Dannemiller Co. has met high quality standards now and will continue to prove our dedication through ongoing audits.

The SQF Process

Reaching SQF competency is a rigorous and thorough process, requiring over a year to prepare for certification.

The program audits all aspects of a company’s process including their suppliers, manufacturing practices, potential environmental hazards, storage methods, and safe temperatures. Other factors including employee’s procedure, cleanliness and how machinery and surfaces are sterilized are examined.

After a food safety program is implemented addressing every part of the SQF process, a third-party auditor will observe and measure its effectiveness before detailing which areas need improvement. If those conditions requiring more work are met, SQF certification is awarded. Food company’s safety plans must then be audited yearly to continue compliance.

Why the SQF Certification is Important

Achieving SQF certification was not about obtaining a certificate but establishing a sound food safety program in our facility to protect our brand, our buyer and your bottom-line.

Participation in the program allows us to better develop and execute our safety strategy while proactively identifying and mitigating threats to the high-quality products that we manufacturer, store and ship to our customers.

With an SQF seal of approval, our customers will know that every aspect of our process has been scrutinized and critiqued by an unbiased third party.

For C.J. Dannemiller Co., the becoming an SQF certified bulk nuts supplier demonstrates our commitment to food quality, safety and our dedication to the people we serve. We hope our current and future customers appreciate and recognize our sincere desire to deliver excellence, every time.

Are you interesting in learning more about our safety process and how it could better serve you as a customer? Contact us for more information.

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