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Wholesale Nuts and Popcorn Supplies

The C.J. Dannemiller Co. is a leading wholesale popcorn and nut manufacturer as well as a provider of concession supplies.

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Nuts & Seeds

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Snacks on Snacks

Whether you’re creating a charcuterie masterpiece, stocking your pantry, or looking for hot-sellers for your retail business – we have the snacks everyone craves.

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Organic Nuts and Seeds

Our organic tree nuts and seeds are grown without the addition of chemicals and are non-genetically modified. Buy in bulk for personal snacking or for use in your commercial food operations or retail stores.

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Not-So Secret Ingredients

Nuts are such a versatile ingredient for manufacturers. Shelf-stable, high in protien and packed with nutrients, they’ve become a popular ingredient for snacks and cereals as well as milk and flour alternates.

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Rave Reviews

Peanuts – J Runner, Blanched, Roasted, Unsalted, Shelled

5.0 (9 reviews)   Leave a Review!

$7.30$46.80 available on subscription

Runner peanuts, the most common variety in the U.S., are blanched to remove the skin, then lightly roasted to enhance the full flavor of the nut itself.  Peanuts deliver a nutrient dense, protein-rich snack choice any time, anywhere.

This product is roasted in peanut oil.

Product #2013

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Ingredients: Peanuts, Peanut Oil

9 reviews for Peanuts – J Runner, Blanched, Roasted, Unsalted, Shelled

  1. jengilchrist (verified owner)

    Bought the 10lb bag for my mom who has Alzheimers and eats peanuts all night long. The peanuts are so fresh and delicious! Plus affordable, ecologically packaged, and shipped at a breakneck speed. I love that C.J. Dannemiller Co. is an old, family company, too. I’ll see how fast we get through the 10 pounder–we may get the 30 lb case next.

  2. Jeffrey Sawyer (verified owner)

    I use the 30lb cases for feeding my squirrels and they love these high-quality peanuts; Expertly packaged and delivered very quickly; I have been a customer for 4 years now and will be one for life. Thank you for your excellent product and service.

  3. Paul Broxson

    I’ve bought these several times and they’re great. I feed them to my squirrels, but I’ve tried them and they’re very tasty. Always high quality and nice sized. Pricing is waaayy better than any other place I’ve found, even locally. Quality packaging and fast shipping. My squirrels and I thank you.

  4. njf46 (verified owner)

    I also use 5×30 pounds blanched peanuts monthly for our many squirrels, birds and chipmunks and am so totally pleased with Dannemiller service . They are wonderful and quick. Thank you for your great company!

  5. jeannemcdonald40 (verified owner)

    I order the 30 lb. Cases. I use these peanuts for making my own peanut butter. They arrive soon after ordering. AThe quality is consistent with each order, and the result is delicious. (!)

  6. b66s (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying the 30lb box for several years now. I feed them to the birds and squirrels. I snitch a few at times for myself. They’re good quality. I also buy 25lb roasted unsalted shell-on nuts for the animals. The Dannemiller family always offers the best and fastest order processing and shipping I’ve encountered making online purchases. I almost always get my products the next day. I’m sure other customers can agree with that. They have a wonderful selection of other products too. Its clear the Dannemiller’s care about their image and business. Keep up the good work my friends at Dannemiller!

  7. shelley bannon (verified owner)

    Awesome quality! We too eat some, but share them with the squirrels and birds as well. Good pricing and quick shipping. Thank you so much!

  8. njf46 (verified owner)

    Your service is wonderful as well as the peanuts! I actually feed the squirrels and birds. As a testament to the quality and taste, the squirrels come from all over as well as a flock of starlings, mourning doves , bluejays and cardinals, nuthatches and different woodpeckers. Thank you!

  9. jeannemcdonald40 (verified owner)

    I order the 30 lb. Case of unsalted peanuts every three or 4 months. The quality and freshness is always consistent. These peanuts make the most delicious peanut butter! So much healthier than store bought!

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Macadamia Nut – Style 2, Raw

5.0 (13 reviews)   Leave a Review!

$12.00$173.75 available on subscription

Raw macadamia nuts are ready in bulk quantities for inclusion into traditional nut mixes, snack blends, baking applications or savory recipes. Macadamia nuts appeal to nut lovers of all ages. Fabulous flavor and unique texture set the macadamia nut apart from any other variety.

Product #2044

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Ingredients: Macadamias

13 reviews for Macadamia Nut – Style 2, Raw

  1. tomeschmidt (verified owner)

    My favorite nut ! They are addictive.

  2. Cheryl Freeman (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality, great price!

  3. soulspiceorganics (verified owner)

    Love the flavor and the resulting butter I am able to create from this!

  4. CAROL B (verified owner)

    Nuts arrived in very nice condition! Fast shipping! Customer service was very helpful in answering all my questions!

  5. chrisall3 (verified owner)

    My go-to company.
    Fresh, quality nuts shipped quickly and securely.

  6. Alisa Crandall (verified owner)

    Great flavor. Great price.

  7. Alisa Crandall (verified owner)

    Great taste and quick delivery

  8. chrisall3 (verified owner)

    Excellent product
    Fast shipping

  9. jnanam12 (verified owner)

    Beautiful nuts. Clean. Delicious. Makes wonderful milk. Plan to purchase again when I run out.

  10. Sharon Bristlin (verified owner)

    These are first grade fresh nuts. Very pleased with these Macs. You have a new customer for life

  11. mark-0744 (verified owner)

    Clean, fresh, and flavorful. Fast efficient order processing and shipping. Top-notch quality. Dannemiller’s are what you would have to compare all others against.

  12. Isis Terrall (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and price! Already bought this twice, and will buy again.

  13. Walter Puciata (verified owner)

    Good pricing on these. I like that they are raw. They are easy to dry roast which brings the flavor to a whole new level. I can season them as I desire. I bought 10 pounds and put the bag in the freezer.

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The CJ Dannemiller Story

In 1935 Clarence J. Dannemiller raised popcorn in his garden, then shelled it, packaged it in one-pound packages, and sold it door to door in Barberton and Doylestown, Ohio. Thus was born the C. J. Dannemiller Co.

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