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Buy Wholesale Cashew Nuts – Pieces, Raw

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$36.90$159.50 available on subscription

Cashews are removed from the shell and carefully inspected for quality, then split into parts, reserving the top end of the nut for cashew pieces. Equally as delicious as any other part of the nut, try cashew pieces as a snack or use in recipes from appetizers to desserts.

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Ingredients: Cashews

7 reviews for Buy Wholesale Cashew Nuts – Pieces, Raw



  2. Ryan Shaw (verified owner)

    UPDATE: No company will ever get it right every time but I respect a company that goes the extra mile to make it right and if you’re reading this CJ Dannemiller did just that. They called me up and fixed the problem unsolicited as well. I did receive a replacement for the bad batch that I received the new batch is great and I am a happy customer. They were very apologetic and sensitive to what I needed and even went as far as to give me product suggestions to better suit my product. Thank You..
    Original complaint..
    These cashews were old and smelled bad it rendered my product unusable. I would have cost me more money to return them I’ll just cut my losses here. I ended up throwing away 10 lbs of sick smelling cashews. I went with this company because they were the cheapest on the web for bulk nuts. The shipping was reasonable and pretty quick but if what your order is not usable non of that matters. I guess you really get what you pay for. I’ll keep looking to source my cashews elsewhere. Very disappointing.

  3. Gilbert Hernandez (verified owner)

    The cashews are excellent! They smell and taste amazing.

  4. Deborah Ostendorff (verified owner)

    These are blanched already (hence getting rid of at least some of the lectins). These are fresh and last a long time, though we eat them up pretty fast. I use these for nut butter. Buying them in a 10 pound bag saves so much money (they are way less than at the grocery store).

  5. mark-0744 (verified owner)

    Fresh and flavorful. Top-notch quality. Dannemiller’s are what you would have to compare all others against.

  6. H J (verified owner)

    These are delicious. I was a bit suspicious; I found the site on Google when trying to find an affordable option for raw cashews, as I get back to more plant-based eating. Cashews are the base for many dairy alternatives. Usually — especially with pieces as opposed to whole or halves — these have a LOT of bitter, black-dotted nuts mixed in. (It’s my understanding that means they’re old or spoiled, fungal growth or something.)

    But not these cashews.

    These have a tasty natural sweetness. They LOOK great and ARE great. I immediately split them into two gallon freezer bags and froze them. They fit perfectly into two.

    What’s more, my order delivery date was changed… to one day EARLIER than originally projected. And I ordered at 4AM on a Friday … and Christmas Day was Monday! Absolutely wonderful.

    So glad the company set follow-up emails too to keep asking me to leave a review (usually hate those), because I DEFINITELY intended to do that. Will be getting my nuts from here in the future. Thank you for a completely wonderful experience, in every single way.

  7. kidwboro (verified owner)

    Very tasty, has a mild sweet flavor, and goes well with trail mixes and dried fruit.

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Buy Wholesale Cashew Nuts Anytime

Our highly nutritious and versatile cashews are the perfect snack for just about any gathering – from card games with the neighbors to the regulars in a book club.

Rich in healthy fats and protein our cashews can be used in a variety of culinary presentations, including stir-fry, trail mix, granola, and more.

Stock up today and you’ll soon be savoring a handful of our sweet-flavored cashews. Experiencing the crunch, and buttery texture.

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