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Whole Blanched Almonds – Raw

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Whole, raw almonds are blanched to remove the skin and reveal the white, milky almond nut within. We source our almonds domestically from the finest available crops. All nuts are carefully inspected and lightly processed to preserve the natural qualities, nutrition and flavor of the original nut. Available in bulk.

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Ingredients: Blanched Almonds


What are Blanched Almonds?

Blanched almonds are almonds where the brown skin has been removed. The blanching process usually includes a quick dip in boiling water, a cold bath and a trip through a roller to remove the skin. Keep in mind that removing the skin can remove some of the health benefits.

3 reviews for Whole Blanched Almonds – Raw

  1. popieof3 (verified owner)

    Loved this option to not have to soak and skin them

  2. calljeffgates (verified owner)

    This is a great product. My wife and I use it to make Almond milk and it comes out great as it has not skins on it. The milk tastes great and we use them to make almond flour. We will be regular customers.

  3. Kelly Ferreira (verified owner)

    Quick arrival ! Perfect Blanched Almonds, for making cream cheese!! Thank you .. will buy again soon

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