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Pistachios – Shelled, Roasted, Unsalted (Buy Online)

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We remove pistachios from the shell and thoroughly inspect them for quality. These unsalted pistachios are ready for use in snacks, mixes, bars and other applications or recipes. Their distinctive flavor makes pistachios a customer favorite.

This product is roasted in peanut oil.

Product #2084

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Ingredients: Pistachios, Peanut Oil

4 reviews for Pistachios – Shelled, Roasted, Unsalted (Buy Online)

  1. soulspiceorganics (verified owner)

    This product has consistently been perfect for my Pistachio butter production, my customers love it!

  2. soulspiceorganics (verified owner)

    I love the consistent quality and freshness of this product!

  3. soulspiceorganics (verified owner)

    I remain a happy customer of CJ Dannemiller because they are responsive to my needs, however, with the Pistachio, I have had some issues that have surfaced a couple of times and it is because on a couple of occasions, the Pistachio received has not been up to par with what it is usually a great CJ Dannemiller’s great product! For my nut butter company, this is a highly critical product, and the nut butter I make from it is very much my best-seller product! I just received a new order and it is fabulous! I hope that going forward the quality will be consistently great as it has been so many times!

  4. soulspiceorganics (verified owner)

    Hello, we continue ordering your Pistachio because in general, it is a good product and a great value for the money! We would like to see a Pistachio that produces a moist texture butter, rather than a very dry butter, difficult to grind Pistachio!

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