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Peanuts – Fancy, Roasted, Salted, In the Shell

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$6.50$36.25 available on subscription

Fancy roasted and salted peanuts in the shell make an excellent snack choice to serve in bars and restaurants, enjoy at home or on the go. Enjoy these classic snack favorites with a frosty beverage of your choice.

Product #2009

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Ingredients: Peanuts, Salt

1 review for Peanuts – Fancy, Roasted, Salted, In the Shell

  1. Rob Nowicki (verified owner)

    This is my second order from CJD. I honestly can’t say I’m impressed. The 25 Lb. Box arrived in short time – delivery left the box at the front door – for the squirrels. I’m fairly sure they enjoyed some. To be honest, I’m quite fine that they did. We feed them daily.

    The two star rating isn’t exactly the fault of CJD. I received a box of salted, roasted peanuts (25 Lb.), and blazoned across the box was “Hampton Farms”. NOT CJDannemiller. I was thinking these peanuts were raised on CJD Farms – NOT outsourced. NO where in the description is this mentioned. Personally, I would rather eat a Boiled Peanut than a Roasted one from Hampton Farms. There’s just no taste to them. If I had wanted Hapmpton Farms peanuts, my local grocery store sells them – and my wife is instructed to NEVER buy these there again. They’re that bad. I was hoping that these might be a little fresher – tastier, but that’s not the case. They’re really pretty bad.

    Well – at least the squirrels will enjoy the rest of my $53.00 investment!

    I’d love to remind consumers to “Read The Fine Print” before purchasing peanuts on-line – but sometimes that’s just not the case.

    Rob N.
    Philadelphia, PA. – (Order #27859)

    • Megan Troup

      Rob, I’m sorry you were not happy with your purchase. We are a distributor of all sorts of nuts that we source mainly from the South. We are located in Ohio, therefor we are not capable of actually growing our own nuts..we so wish we could!! I will go ahead and refund you in full for the product you purchased. Please enjoy the peanuts on us. We hope in the future we may be able to help you with other needs, knowing what you know now about our company. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about our products! Have a fantastic day!
      C.J. Dannemiller Co.

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