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Trust C.J. Dannemiller Co. to offer nearly 35 different types of peanuts your customers will love, including shelled, flavored, and blanched. The following are just a few of the fantastic peanut flavors available.  

Amazing peanut butter starts with our peanut butter stock, available in dry-roasted, honey, and salted or unsalted. The peanuts are chosen for their flavorful taste and are roasted without oil. Our runner peanuts are one of our most popular products. Their uniform size makes them ideal additions to snack and trail mix. They’re available raw, blanched, and shelled.  

Sriracha ranch peanuts, combine the blistering heat of classic Asian sriracha seasoning with the creamy so-good flavor of ranch dressing. Dill pickle peanuts combine lightly roasted peanuts with all the sour goodness that makes dill pickles so refreshing. Combining salt, vinegar, and a hint of sour cream, these peanuts offer a one-of-a-kind taste treat. But if you’re in the mood for a peanuty sweet crunch, try our toffee, strawberry cheesecake, crème brûlée or butter rum flavors.  

Our wholesale granulated peanuts are ideal for concessionaires seeking to add a quality topping to sundaes, banana splits, caramel apples, and other desserts. Spanish peanuts, in jumbo or #1 sizes, are available raw and shelled. The #1 Spanish peanuts also come roasted and salted or unsalted. If your customers like something a little fierier, try our HOT pepper peanuts. Lightly roasted and coated with hot pepper, they are guaranteed to raise the taste temperature a few degrees. Or go with a mainstay, our classic honey-roasted peanuts. And don’t forget peanuts in the shell. Available in regular, fancy, jumbo or Cajun, roasted or raw, and salted or unsalted versions, they are perfect for enjoying at carnivals, circuses, or in your backyard.  

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