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While in the past year many people turned to food for comfort, security and even entertainment, in the upcoming year the trends point to some distinctly non-traditional and innovative growth areas for wholesale nuts use and consumption.  

C.J. Dannemiller Co. identified the following trends in wholesale nuts usage: alternative product development, consumers continue to crave flavor, sodium finds a balance, healthy snacks’ continued growth and the increased use of nuts as an ingredient in confections. We’ll take a look at these top five trends for wholesale nuts and their appeal to buyers seeking satisfaction, flavor and versatility in the same package.  

A New Way to Moo  

The dairy alternatives market continues to exhibit rapid growth, with some predicting year-over-year expansion of 11.4% through 2027. A plant-based ingredient option like nuts provide a basis for innovative dairy alternative product development with broad appeal for vegans, flexitarians and label-conscious consumer groups.  

Almonds, walnuts and cashews are all in the mix. C.J. Dannemiller Co. notes a considerable uptick in cashew purchases to create dairy alternatives that go beyond milk, for faux cheesecake, dips and cheese balls.  

Flavor Craving 

Consumers crave variety, whether sweet or spicy and this hankering extends to flavored wholesale nuts. C.J. Dannemiller releases new flavors each year including buttered rum, crème brulee, toffee, strawberry cheesecake, blueberry almond, and white chocolate cashew on the sweet side.  

On the savory side, purchasers can enjoy dill pickle, sriracha ranch or smoky mozzarella flavored peanuts. Both our candy coated and flavored nuts are popular with retailers buying wholesale nuts to repackage or mix with other nuts for unique snack blends.  

One unique use of the candy-coated peanuts is for the creation of flavored peanut butters, such as strawberry cheesecake or toffee.  

Sodium Finds a Balance  

Salt helps enhance the flavor of the nut, but one trend C.J. Dannemiller Co. sees is purchasers balancing the sodium content of nut mixes by blending salted with unsalted varieties.  

This trend does vary depending on product type. Years ago, for example, in-shell peanut sales saw a 1:1 sales ratio of salted compared to unsalted. Currently, purchasing has migrated toward the salted product for in shell peanuts.  

Healthy Snacking 

Almonds offer a high concentration of protein, supply fiber and offer a complement of vitamins and nutrients.  Their popularity in healthy snack applications continues its upward trajectory. C.J. Dannemiller continues to field increased requests for more and different types of almonds for granola and bars. The company offers more than a dozen varieties of almonds in various forms, from almond flour to whole almonds along with chopped, sliced and slivered forms, available in bulk.  

An Inside Job 

Despite their best intentions for healthy snacking, consumers always find time and room for a spot of indulgence.  Wholesale nuts continue to play a starring role in all types of sweet treats.  

Cashews have gained a lot of traction due to availability and price point. Although price isn’t always the primary determinator, with pecans rising in popularity despite a higher price point than cashews or other nut varieties.  

Nuts are popular as inclusions in ice cream, on coatings for caramel apples and supply a satisfying crunchy center in confections.   

The overall outlook for nut trends is extremely favorable. Find a wide variety of fresh, delicious wholesale nuts in bulk at C.J. Dannemiller Co

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