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We offer wholesale bulk raw nuts, which have both nutritional value and tremendous appeal for anyone who loves to eat them as snacks or combine them with other ingredients in your favorite recipe. It all depends on personal tastes, but raw nuts are always delicious.

In a nutshell, raw nuts haven’t been cooked or prepped in any manner. Often, people do cook them through oil or dry roasting. Along the way, flavoring can be added. Choose from a variety of options when you buy raw nuts in bulk at wholesale prices. Order bags or cases depending on your needs – whether you are reselling, incorporating into food products or simply want to eat some yourself over time or treat your guests.

Wholesale Walnuts

Walnuts – Halves and Pieces, Raw

They’re ideal for nut rolls, cereals, granola, and desserts.

Wholesale Raw Pecan Halves

Pecans – Jr. Mammoth Halves, Raw

These pecan halves keep the flavor and all of the buttery richness of an entire nut. Enjoy the texture and heart-healthy aspects.

Wholesale Raw Pecan Pieces

Bulk Pecans – Pieces, Raw

They’re perfect for everything from ice cream to baked goods. Add them to salads or make them a key part of snack mixes.

Cashews – Whole Medium 320, Raw

A nutritious nut, cashews are very heart-healthy. Enjoy them as snacks or as a notable part of a recipe.

Wholesale Raw Cashews

Cashews – Whole Large 240, Raw

These cashews are removed from the shell and inspected for freshness. Nut lovers enjoy the rich, buttery flavor.

Wholesale Raw Cashew Splits

Wholesale Cashews – Splits, Raw

The split cashew continues to be a popular option for nut blends and trail mixes.

Bulk Cashew Butts

Cashew – Butts, Raw

As the thickest part of the nut, cashew butts are cut from the finest available whole cashews. Order by the bag or case for snack mixes or recipes.

Wholesale Cashew Pieces Raw

Wholesale Cashew – Pieces, Raw

They make great snacks or include them with recipes for appetizers and desserts.

Sliced Almonds

Sliced Natural Almonds – Raw

You can’t go wrong with sliced raw almonds, which include healthy fats, fiber, protein and vitamins E and B2. They’re perfect for snacks or baking.

Bulk Almonds – Raw, Regular Whole Redskin 23/25

Packed with flavor, these raw, almonds make great snacks. They’re also a perfect choice for food manufacturers, bakers, restaurants and retail outlets.

Brazil Nut

Bulk Brazil Nuts – Midget Redskin for Sale

Nut lovers can never get enough of raw Brazil midget redskin nuts. They’re always rich in flavor or and a satisfying crunch with every bite.

Pistachios – Shelled, Raw

Extremely nutritious, pistachios feature fiber and vitamins yet contain zero cholesterol. Add pistachios to salads, meals, baked goods, bars or mixes.

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