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You already know nuts are a great go-to snack and ingredient in recipes because of their nutritional value and versatility. But what makes nuts even more valuable to retailers, food manufacturers and consumers alike is their convenient storage and shelf life.

As some nut varieties can be costlier than others, it’s important for businesses buying bulk product to understand how long nuts stay fresh. Knowing how to properly store different types of nuts and their average expiration will help you avoid wasted inventory.

Shelf Life of Nuts

Fruit, vegetables and other nutritious foods often go bad in a week or two. Nuts don’t have that same issue, lasting longer and giving consumers more opportunities to enjoy them.

Nut crops are typically harvested once a year. After harvesting, nuts can remain in the raw form in cold storage for 1 to 2 years. Uncooked or unprocessed nuts will stay fresh longer than in any other kind. Once exposed to a cooking process, like roasting or blanching, the shelf life of nuts decreases considerably.

A general rule of thumb says nuts can remain in a cool dark pantry for around three to four months. Nuts can stay fresh for up to a year if stored in a refrigerator, or potentially 2 years if frozen.

Nuts’ high-fat content will eventually cause them to go rancid. You can usually tell a good nut from a bad nut by the aroma or a bitter taste.

Storing nuts for a longer shelf life

Storing Nuts

Nuts tend to pick up nearby smells when being stored. To prevent this and to maximize freshness, we recommend storing stock in an airtight container, such as resealable plastic bags.

If stored properly, nuts can provide a nutritional and flavorful boost to your operation for months after purchase. Easy storage and long shelf life make nuts a great food to buy in bulk and keep around all year long.

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