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Customer Profile: Perfect Pecan Quest Ends at C.J. Dannemiller Co. For Lil’ Turtles Candy

Just how hard is it to find the perfect pecan? If you’re Matthew Miller, CEO of Lil’ Turtles, the question is far from academic. His livelihood depends on securing a constant supply of perfect pecans in terms of freshness, taste, size, shape, and oil content for his marquee products, chocolate turtles.  

Our biggest items are pecans for our turtles, which we used to buy direct from the farmers. Several years ago, John Dannemiller [president of C.J. Dannemiller], came to me and said, ‘Can we buy the pecans for you?’

Miller has worked with C.J. Dannemiller for about eight years. Relying on C.J. Dannemiller for pecans enabled Miller to spend more time doing what he does best – making Lil’ Turtle signature candies. Miller also appreciated the convenience of purchasing product as needed from C.J. Dannemiller Co.’s fresh inventory versus warehousing product at Lil’ Turtles.

The Lil’ Turtle/C.J. Dannemiller story doesn’t end with perfect pecans, however.

Having a ready supply of clean ingredients is a must for Lil’ Turtles. Miller shares that the selectivity for pecans goes a step further.

We use their peanuts in our peanut butter, which we grind ourselves, as well as in our peanut butter marshmallow squares. There are many varieties of pecans. They can be fat, long, skinny, or short, as well as have different oil content. I’m very happy with what they are sourcing for me right now. They know their varieties.

“I like the way they do it at Dannemiller,” Miller says. “Like us, they’re also a family business and if you go into their company, they have a lot of employees that have been there for years. They know people and know the history of the product. You just can’t beat that.”

About The C.J. Dannemiller Co.

Located in Norton, Ohio, the C.J. Dannemiller Co. is a leading supplier of wholesale popcorn, nuts, and concession supplies.  The company is Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute, which demonstrates its commitment to operating according to the highest quality standards. Start shopping and taste for yourself.  

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