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Customer Profile: C.J. Dannemiller Helps a Beermaker Brew Up a Nutty Success

When the brewmaster at Collective Arts Brewing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada needed a unique ingredient for their latest beer creations, they turned to nut experts at C.J. Dannemiller Co. Read on to learn how Michael Dwyer, a procurement specialist for Collective Arts Brewing, connected with our company solve their nutty sourcing problem.

Pistachios: the Not So Secret Ingredient

“Every so often we look for non-typical beer ingredients, and that’s how we stumbled on pistachios,” says Michael. “C.J. Dannemiller Co. was able to help us. We ordered shelled roasted unsalted pistachios from them specifically for our Origin of Darkness series for this year. It’s an annual limited edition of Imperial Stouts. It’s a dark, flavorful beer.”

Collective Arts recently celebrated its tenth anniversary as a craft beverage company. Its market stretches across the US, Canada, and parts of Europe and Asia. “In our eyes, a creative world’s a better world,” says Michael. That creativity goes beyond the labels and into the beer itself. The first part of the brewing process is barrel-aged. The pistachios are added in the second stage of the brewing cycle. The nuts are mixed into the brew via straining bags, “So you get the residual flavor of the nut,” he says.

So Much More Than a Transaction

Michael found C.J. Dannemiller the same way many customers do – by searching on Google. “It was highly rated, the price was right, and the experience of getting the order done was great. Their representative made the experience fun.”

C.J. Dannemiller unobtrusively helped Michael stay on schedule throughout the process. The company also helped him clarify how many pistachios he needed.

Originally, I had a rough idea of how large an order I needed, but their sales rep provided clarity and guidance on how much I should be ordering. So, the communication was great, and the follow-up was great when I ‘lost eyes’ on the order given my workload.

C.J. Dannemiller is dedicated to delivering the freshest ingredients, quickest turnaround and best experience.

Michael notes C.J. Dannemiller provided continuous assistance, from order to receiving dock. It was during a time of shipping disruptions, with one major carrier going under. “Their sales rep worked with me to make sure everything shipped properly and on time for a great price. They made that experience perfectly seamless.”

About The C.J. Dannemiller Co.

C.J. Dannemiller is dedicated to delivering the freshest ingredients, quickest turnaround and best experience. See how we’ve impacted other retail businesses and food manufacturers. And contact us when you’re ready to connect with a bulk wholesale nut supplier that always puts the customer first.  

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