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The Sno-King is one of the best ideas to come along in the ice shaving industry in the past quarter century. The Sno-King is virtually indestructible under use in the most adverse circumstances or environment. It incorporates some important safety features, namely you must have one hand on the motor switch while the other pulls on the pusher handle to engage the spinning shaver head. The construction is of ¼” thick LLPDE (linear, low-density, polyethylene). In addition to the durability, it also does not sweat as much as metal cabinets do, thus preserving the ice. It features fixed Plexiglas windows, easy clean up, reduced weight, and durable aluminum shaver head. An optional drop down door is also available. The Sno-King is the perfect machine where durability, lightweight, and mobility are the issues.

22″ wide x 14″ deep x 29″ high. 115 volt, 6.8 amps, 1/3 H.P. Motor, weight 36 Lbs.

One of the best ideas to come along.

Sno-King Ice Shaver
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