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Pecans – Halves, Roasted, Unsalted

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$21.75$132.00 available on subscription

Fresh pecans are removed the shell, halved and then lightly roasted in peanut oil without salt. Perfect for keto recipes or snacks, the dense nutrition of the pecan and heart-healthy reputation makes pecan halves an ideal snack choice or ingredient.

This product is roasted in peanut oil.

Product #2077

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Ingredients: Pecans, Peanut Oil

4 reviews for Pecans – Halves, Roasted, Unsalted

  1. jseitz (verified owner)

    Best pecans I have ever eaten. That being said, shipping costs are outrageous. Beware, shipping may cost you more than the actual item. I purchased these and cashews – total weight of 5 pounds. Cost of order $38.00 and Shipping: $23.67 via UPS. That’s $4.73 per pound. USPS on their site shows shipping cost to be $17.25. Quite a difference.

  2. valsungen (verified owner)

    A flavorful favorite of mine. No salt please!

  3. valsungen (verified owner)

    Your product has great taste, mouth feel, and satiety. However, I may switch to pieces instead of halves because of the rough handling during shipping. I don’t know if the problem is all over or just in my area. I realize it’s not your fault. I’ve refused delivery when damaged boxes are delivered. This has been more and more lately. FYI

  4. Andrew Phipps (verified owner)

    I do a rosemary chipotle nut mix every year! Decided to try an on-line approach and this was grand.

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