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Wholesale Peanuts – Spanish No. 1, Raw, Shelled

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We purchase only the finest fresh No. 1 Spanish peanuts for you to serve customers or simply enjoy eating at home. Raw, shelled Spanish peanuts are ready for any occasion, recipe or snack blend. Coat with your favorite spice mix, grind into peanut butter or use as an ingredient in main meals, confections or desserts.


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Ingredients: Peanuts

1 review for Wholesale Peanuts – Spanish No. 1, Raw, Shelled

  1. kelake2000 (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Super fast shipping! Just placed our second order, and we look forward to many more in the future,

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You can enjoy our wholesale raw, shelled Spanish No. 1 peanuts by hand or share them with others in a decorative bowl. Buy them bulk to share with friends, family, and customers. These are sold without additional processing such as boiling or roasting. Use them for irresistible cookies and homemade peanut brittle. Spanish peanuts are not really Spanish or nuts. They are one of four main types of peanuts grown in the United States. They are distinguished by smaller kernels, reddish-brown skin, and higher oil content. As for nuts, they are actually legumes or edible seeds that grow in pods, unlike tree nuts. Whatever the case, they’re healthy and delicious.

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