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Wholesale Peanuts – Redskin, Jumbo Runner, Raw, Shelled

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$17.90$38.70 available on subscription

Redskin Jumbo Runner raw peanuts, removed from the shell make a great snack choice. These nutrient dense peanuts are ready to enjoy on their own. Or, combine Jumbo runner peanuts with other nuts or dried fruits to create your own delicious snack blend.

Product #2027 (Medium)

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Ingredients: Peanuts

8 reviews for Wholesale Peanuts – Redskin, Jumbo Runner, Raw, Shelled

  1. Lourettia Cunningham (verified owner)

    Nice service and packaging Wonderful peanuts

  2. William Louk (verified owner)

    I love the price as I give snack size bags for Christmas. I make a Philippine garlic peanut recipe that really go over very well. Just for you to know it is call in Tagalog as “Adobong Mani” meaning seasoned nuts. Your peanuts are alway fresh and come that way

  3. dean KIOURTSIS (verified owner)

    Great Peanuts and excellent customer service!!

  4. Richard Smith (verified owner)

    I feel very lucky to have found this company/site! These peanuts have been a real hit with the wildlife that we feed. The wild turkeys and Sandhill cranes love them the most, but all the larger birds have been enjoying them as well! Peanuts came in perfect condition and have kept well since opening the container. I will definitely buy from C.J. Dannemiller again!

  5. sasfouri (verified owner)

    They are great nuts for a great price. Great customer service when you need them.
    I eat a handful of peanuts every day for a snack, I roast them at home and they are delicious.
    Shipping is fast, a little expensive but that is not the company’s fault.

  6. douglasfreund6 (verified owner)

    These are the best peanuts I’ve had yet. I’ve had jumbo apples but now I’m liking jumbo peanuts more. I’ve had red skins and plain peanuts but these are the best foods for satisfying your hunger when you want a snack or when you have not got time for lunch.

  7. Dean Kiourtsis (verified owner)

    The peanuts I ordered were awesome!! The service this company provides is top notch!!

  8. Patricia Fredrickson (verified owner)

    In comparison to the 1 pound bags I bought at a national chain, these are way, WAY better quality. I made around 80 pounds of peanut brittle for the holidays, and just didn’t have time for a lot of nonsense like trying to winnow out loose skins and crumbs. So glad I made the decision to order from you, as I received a carton of really nice, clean peanuts. (Even down at the bottom of the carton there was minimal debris). I sure appreciate how much faster it made my process! Shipping was very quick and reasonably priced considering the weight of the carton. Communication regarding the status of the order was excellent. Oh, and a really good per pound price – even after factoring in the shipping. Will definitely be ordering these from you again. Thanks!

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