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Cashews – Whole Large 240, Raw

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$47.40$212.00 available on subscription

Whole large cashews are removed from the shell and inspected for freshness. These jumbo-sized cashews are bursting with the rich, buttery flavor that makes cashews a perennial favorite for nut lovers in all walks of life.

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Ingredients: Cashews


Our wholesale cashews are always a hit with our customers. Rich and flavorful, the cashew is one of the most versatile tree nuts. As the nut experts, we make some of the best cashews – which come whole or in halves, pieces or butts.

Health Benefits

  • Nutrient Dense – loaded with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K all of which help regulate body function
  • Heart Health – high amounts of healthy fats and levels of magnesium and potassium help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and risk of heart disease
  • Immune Boost – copper and iron support red blood cells and boost immune health
  • Regulates Blood Sugar – nuts, including cashews, are excellent snacks for diabetics as they don’t spike insulin levels
  • Antioxidants – cashews are packed with antioxidants that support eye health and fight serious diseases
  • Teeth and Bone Health – the phosphorus in cashews is essential for the development of healthy bones and teeth

Cashew Butts and Pieces

While cashews are delicious whole, different parts of the cashew can be bought including split, pieces and butts. The butt is the thickest portion of the nut. Pieces are the portion of the fruit that doesn’t contain the butt and splits are the natural halves.

Check out our roasted cashew nuts online for another delicious option!

3 reviews for Cashews – Whole Large 240, Raw

  1. Parwana Ahmady (verified owner)

    Great product. Will order again. Prompt shipping.

  2. nutzaboutnuts (verified owner)

    We have bought raw cashews from cjdannemiller for approximately 10 years. We average about 900 lbs a year. The quality of their product has been consistanly high and reliable. We have never had shipping or supply issues or product inferiority. We would highly recommend!

  3. jeffreyknoblock (verified owner)

    I’m a buckeye dweller, next day delivery , I’m Loving it , cashew butter spread with a touch of natural honey , crystals honey on line from MASS- 5 Gal- bucket , knot-weed .

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