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Wholesale Cashews – Splits, Raw

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$41.50$175.20 available on subscription

Whole cashews are removed from the shell, carefully inspected for quality then split in half. The split cashew is a popular form of this nut variety for nut blends, trail mixes or as a stand-alone snack.

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Ingredients: Cashews

7 reviews for Wholesale Cashews – Splits, Raw

  1. elgonline (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased cashews in bulk for years. I’m impressed! Super fast shipping, and the quality of these cashews is higher than similar offerings I’ve purchased through other distributors. I just wish I had found sooner!

  2. elgonline (verified owner)

    Well, has done it once again! Great-looking cashews that taste excellent! I will buy from them again!

  3. Deborah Ostendorff (verified owner)

    These are already shelled and blanched, so they are super easy to use in nut butters, but you can also eat them just as they are. They are so much less expensive than grocery store nuts, and just as fresh (or more fresh.)

  4. Kelly Ferreira (verified owner)

    The Cashews are perfect for making Milk or I have been making Alfredo Sauce with onion, water , soaked cashews, salt and a handful of sunflower seeds . Yummy .. thank you

  5. dmpaglia (verified owner)

    First time ordering from CJ Dannemiller and I am impressed! The cashews arrived much quicker than anticipated and they are so fresh! Even with the shipping charges, the cost-per-lb is a little less than many competitors and definitely less expensive than the box stores. As an aspiring vegan, I look forward to using them in many recipes. I’ll order again when I begin to run low.

  6. CRYSTAL THOMAS (verified owner)

    Shipping was pretty quick. Arrived on time.
    As far as the cashews themselves? Well….not bad but not the best I’ve ever had. I have a business and use cashews in some of my products.
    These were ok. Not great. But not bad. And I’ve had great. They were not spoiled or anything but They weren’t as fresh as I’d expected. The taste was also ok.
    Having said that, would I use them again? Yes. I’m willing to give them another try.

  7. Sudha Rameshbabu (verified owner)

    It’s my first time and I feel happy on the customer service, delivery and quality of the nuts with this price. Definitely it’s a go for recurring order!!

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