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Crack its shell, and you will know you have a pistachio by its distinct green and purple coloring. A cousin of the cashew, the pistachio is actually a seed and not a nut. Pistachios are used in many recipes and often a fan favorite ice cream flavor. We offer both roasted and raw wholesale pistachios, as well as shelled or in-shell pistachio varieties.

Health Benefits

  • Vitamin B6 – Pistachios are one of the richest vitamin B6 foods, an important nutrient that regulated blood sugar and hemoglobin production

  • Antioxidants – filled with antioxidants that prevent cell damage and reduce the risk of diseases like cancer

  • Lower Calorie Option – nuts are healthy but can be high in calories, and pistachios are one of the lower calorie options

  • Help Weight Loss – packed with fiber and protein that increase satiety and help you feel full

  • Heart Smart – good fats help lower cholesterol and blood sugar

  • Why Were Pistachio Shells Dyed Red?
    You might remember pistachio’ shells being red. This is rare today, but the reason behind the dye was to make pistachios look more appetizing to the consumer. During the harvesting, the shell could sometimes take on a blotchy appearance which distributors believed was less appealing to consumers.

    R/S = Roasted with salt
    N/S = Roasted with no salt

    Wholesale Pistachios
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