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Some locations require a very small footprint. The Mini Dogeroo is only 9 1/2″ wide plus 4 1/2″ for the motor assembly. Ideal for those who don’t need a large capacity. The cradle rotisserie holds 14 dogs. Bun warmer holds 14 buns. Unit disassembles easily for cleaning.The Dogeroo is the most sturdily constructed, easiest-to-clean, best mechandising hot dog rotisserie ever constructed. Switch from boiled or steamed hot dogs to a Dogeroo and double or triple your hot dog sales. Dogeroo holds 54 dogs and 40 buns. Super Dogaroo holds 84 dogs and 60 buns.

Dogeroo: 20½” wide x 15½” deep x 24″ high x 120 volts. Super:26½” wide x 15½” deep x 24″ high x 120 volts.


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