Cornado Electric Popping Units (28 - 48 oz.)

Wholesale Cornado Electric Popping Units (36 – 60 oz.)

Product Description

The Cornado Popcorn Machine is available in 3 different kettle sizes and in a number of different style cabinets including stand alone units, Pro Plant Tables, Mini Popping Plants (shown), Popping Bars, and Enclosed Cornado Cabinets (all in various sizes). Whatever your needs, there’s a Cornado that’s right for you. Listed below are the base popping units. Let us help you choose the set-up that’s best for your needs.

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SKU: GRP3370
1240 $1,925.00
1238 $2,095.00
1234 $4,299.00
1235 $3,699.00
1236 $3,299.00