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An old favorite, roasted cashews are one of the most flavorful and nutritious tree nuts. Our roasted cashews come in whole or in halves, pieces or butts to help satisfy even the most particular cashew fan.
Health Benefits

  • Nutrient-Packed – full of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K which regulate body processes

  • Heart Helper – healthy fats and high levels of magnesium, potassium can reduce cholesterol, risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure

  • Blood Sugar Regulation – cashews are safe snacks for diabetics and don’t spike insulin levels

  • Immune Boost – cashews add a boost to your immune health thanks to copper and iron

  • Antioxidants – serious diseases’ #1 enemy are antioxidants, a known fighter of all chronic diseases including cancer

  • Teeth, Eye, and Bone Health – the phosphorus and other nutrients in cashews help foster healthy bones, eyes, and teeth

  • The Roasting Process

    Cashews, like many other tree nuts, can come in the raw or roasted. In many cases, roasted cashews are baked with oil or what is called a dry roast. Dry roasting consists of baking the nut meat with no added cooking oil, helping to preserve many of the health benefits.

    Roasted or Raw? The Truth May Surprise You
    Here is a fun fact for you to chew on.
    No matter what we call them, all cashews are roasted at least once. When harvested, cashews have a toxic outer shell that must be roasted and then removed by hand. After removal, the cashews that go on to be labeled as “roasted” meet the oven a second time where the “raw” cashews aren’t given another bake.

    R/S = Roasted with salt
    N/S = Roasted with no salt

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