Bag-In-Box Nacho Program

Wholesale Bag-In-Box Nacho Program

Product Description

For the first time ever, the quality, convenience, and profitability of bag-in-box packaging is now available for cheese sauce dispensing. Nacho cheese is dispensed directly out of its bag-in-box package, eliminating condensation and crusty build-up. In addition, there are no more cans to scrape, or stale product to serve. Product change-over is required less often, and cleaning is reduced by more than 60%. Dispenser holds more than twice as much cheese as a #10 can and has only four parts to clean. After an up-front placement fee, we will loan you a HOT TOP cheese sauce dispenser. Our exclusive three year warranty program virtually eliminates the cost of owning equipment.


SKU: GRP4033
4035 $199.00
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