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Whether you’re selling them in bulk or just snacking with friends, who doesn’t love peanuts, especially in the shell?

At C.J. Dannemiller Co., we sell peanuts (in shell) that are perfect for every occasion. Even if you’ve never purchased our peanuts before, you might have tasted them at a ballgame, carnival, or other event. They not only taste great, but they’re also very nutritious. Take a look at some of the many reasons why our peanuts (in shell) are such a fun and healthy choice.

Thanks for the Memories

>For many people, peanuts (in shell) were a delicious part of their childhood. Do you remember getting handed a box or bag of them at a baseball game or amusement park? Do you remember how they smelled and how excited you were to get them from your parents? We bet you do. Peanuts (in shell) were an important part of those memorable experiences, and they’ll continue to provide tasty happiness and joy to future generations of children.

Peanuts in Shell

Made to Order

Talk about flexibility, our peanuts in the shell can be ordered raw and unroasted if you wanted to roast them yourself or prepared to your liking. You can purchase them in small batches or in bulk, and package them in a variety of containers, such as boxes and bags. Our raw peanuts also have a long shelf life—lasting up to a year when refrigerated.

Heart Health

Peanuts are full of minerals, nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that promote good heart health. Studies have shown that, like other nuts such as pecans, almonds and cashews, peanuts (in shell or otherwise) can help people lower their blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol – all of which can prevent coronary artery disease and strokes. Peanuts also contain healthy proteins and fats that make us eat less yet feel full. When we eat them in moderation, they can help us manage our diets and control our weight—a winning combination of healthy benefits.

Nutrition Facts

Here’s everything you need to know about the nutritional value of peanuts (in shell) from C.J. Dannemiller Co. The “%” tells you how much a nutrient in a half-cup serving (30 grams) contributes to a daily diet of 2,000 calories.

Total Fat: ...13g, 17%
Saturated Fat:...1.5g, 8%
Trans Fat: ...0g
Cholesterol:...0mg, 0%
Sodium...0mg, 0%
Total Carbs:...7g, 3%
Dietary Fiber:...3g, 11%
Total Sugar:...1g, 0%
Protein:...7g, 14%
Vitamin D:...0mcg, 0%
Calcium:...20mg, 2%
Iron:...0.7mg, 4%
Potassium:...200mg, 4%

Take a look at our peanuts (in shell), fancy and raw, and order yours today!

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