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All of the statistics show nut consumption is on the rise. Retailers of all sizes look to bulk nuts as a timeless snack that is both profitable and versatile. Nuts never go out of season—from the perfect protein-packed pick-me-up for outdoor activities or workouts to the holiday season when nuts are not just a preferred baking ingredient but also a great gift or snack. Nuts are popular in any season to generate brisk sales. Finding the right bulk nut provider helps these retailers and convenience stores maintain stock and supply the variety and quality to satisfy their customers. Here are some of the main considerations when selecting a bulk nut supplier:

Private Label Partner

Many retailers purchase bulk nuts to repackage into bags or clamshell containers for resale under their own, private label. This is one of the quickest, easiest methods to turn a profit on nut sales. Retailers are also free to mix any of the bulk nut varieties C.J. Dannemiller Co. supplies to create their own proprietary blends for resale as well.

Advantages supplied by C.J. Dannemiller Co. that makes them unique among bulk nut suppliers:

  • Mixed Pallets — C.J. Dannemiller Co. will sell mixed pallets of any nut variety or mixture requested by the retailer and 95% of our clients take advantage of this.
  • Availability — We offer a wide variety of tree nuts year round and rarely have a wait time (everything from red skin peanuts to assorted almonds)
  • Fresh — We pride ourselves on quality and always supply fresh nuts for our clients
  • Quality — In addition to freshness, count on nuts from C.J. Dannemiller for appearance and taste as well. We pride ourselves on supplying a quality product to meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Quantities — Our definition of bulk can range from 2,000 lbs. to as low as ten lbs. This supplies an advantage to even the smallest individual retailer, who doesn’t have to extend themselves as much financially on a single purchase.
  • Delivery — Expect a quick turnaround, averaging three to four days when larger bulk suppliers might take three to four weeks. Some nut orders ship the same day.
  • Personalized service — When customers call C.J. Dannemiller, they reach an actual team member at our facility, not a call center or answering service, so questions are answered quickly and accurately.

Popular Flavors

We make it a point to introduce new flavors every single year. New flavor introductions offer a bit of variety for customers who enjoy traditional nuts and mixes but might want a bit of adventure. While new flavor introductions for almonds (blueberry) and cashews (white chocolate) were well received, peanuts offer the best canvas to apply a new, exciting flavor like strawberry cheesecake, barbeque or crème brulee. Toffee and butter rum are particularly popular.


Generally, nuts are popular at any time of year. However certain nut varieties, like those used in traditional holiday foods, will experience a spikes in demand. For example, pecans are popular at Thanksgiving for pecan pies and walnuts at Christmas for nut rolls.

We strive to supply the freshest, best quality nuts you can buy in the right size quantity to suit your needs on the retail level. Turn a profit by turning our bulk nuts into your own private label packaged varieties or to turn out your signature pecan pies. Give us a call at 330-825-7808.

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