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Ever since John Harvey Kellogg received a patent for it in 1895, peanut butter has been a tasty part of America’s menu. The nut butter market has expanded greatly since then. Nut butters are a great plant-based source of protein with so many uses as a spread, topping and ingredient.    

Peanuts, almonds, and cashews make great nut butter 

The story of peanut butter is as familiar as the story of America itself, and few companies know it as well as C.J. Dannemiller Co., which supplies the peanuts that make this spreadable feast possible. In addition to the talented legume known as the peanut, businesses and consumers also churn several tree nuts into nut butters, with almonds and cashews the most popular, according to Will Dannemiller, VP of sales and marketing and co-owner of C.J. Dannemiller Co. 

“The stock that we sell for peanut butter is typically dry roasted, which sees less oil separation,” he said. The company does not make peanut butter or other nut butters but instead focuses on supplying the stock used to make them.  

According to Will, the customers interested in buying nut butter stock range from health fanatics to foodies who use it for ice cream toppings and chocolate and peanut clusters. “It’s a good business because we attract a broad cross-section of the population,” he said.    

Needed: Freshly roasted nuts  

What makes a good jar of nut butter? “The best characteristic is to have a freshly roasted nut,” said Will. “If you can do that, you’re really close to success.” Likewise, the proportions of the nuts used can be important. “Size is a factor,” he said. ‘Smaller nuts will go through people’s machines a little bit better. That’s why in some of our nut butter stock you’ll see ‘splits,’ which are basically nut halves, because they’ll go through the system easier.” 

Some nut butter makers experiment with the ingredients. “Some people are buying our toffee, which is like using honey-roasted peanuts, which give it a sweet taste. Other trends include adding candy like M&Ms to sweeten things up.”    

Selling to customers nationally 

The company sells its nut butter stock nationally. “We have the capability to sell a single case or a full truckload anywhere in the United States. A few of our top nut butter customers are located in the Midwest,” said Will. “In terms of market trends, I’d say the largest increase has been in little boutique nut butter shops.” He also made another point regarding nut butter demand: pricing has remained fairly stable. “We haven’t seen crazy inflation with nuts in general.” 

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