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Nachos are both a classic and versatile snack. Corn chips, dipping sauce, and maybe salsa or jalapeno peppers; it’s a treat with wide appeal because of the variety of possible toppings.

Well-Designed Trays Make Happy Customers

But nothing can ruin a nacho feast faster or make customers angrier than a poorly designed nacho tray. A flimsy cardboard container can leak sauce or salsa into the chips, making them soggy and inedible. Poorly designed plastic trays made of inferior materials can also end in disaster, with sauces and chips commingling or ending up on the ground. Whether used at a carnival, sporting event, fair, festival, or circus, a well-made nacho tray produces happy customers and profits for vendors.

C.J. Dannemiller knows how important a nacho tray can be when it comes to presenting this treat in an attractive, appetizing way. That’s why we source nacho trays that surpass others in terms of usefulness and aesthetics. C.J. Dannermiller’s nacho trays include a large clear plastic two-compartment version that enables larger chip portions and provides a sturdy eating surface while being held or balanced on a lap. Available in 500-count packs, they’re the perfect volume for stocking up before an event. We also offer them via subscription.

We source nacho trays that surpass others in terms of usefulness and aesthetics.

Two- and Three-Compartment Versions are Available

Likewise, our three-compartment nacho tray gives concessionaires the option of offering multiple chip dips, or maybe jalapeno peppers to liven things up. Currently hot sellers, the three-compartment nacho tray is also made of durable clear plastic. We offer the three-compartment nacho trays on subscription, too.

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