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A key ingredient of any party, shindig or soiree, mixed nuts are the perfect nibble for almost any occasion. Devotees of mixed nuts care so much about the exact proportions of the mix that the US government has laid down the law regarding the composition of this delicious treat. As Section 164.110 of the Code of Federal Regulations states:

“Mixed nuts is [sic] the food consisting of a mixture of four or more of the optional shelled tree nut ingredients, with or without one or more of the optional shelled peanut ingredients, of the kinds prescribed by paragraph (b) of this section; except that when 2 ounces or less of the food is packed in transparent containers, three or more of the optional tree nut ingredients shall be present. Each such kind of nut ingredient when used shall be present in a quantity not less than 2 percent and not more than 80 percent by weight of the finished food.”

The Spice of (A Healthy) Life

The variety of tree nuts that can go into mixed nuts include almonds, black walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, English walnuts, filberts, pecans, and others. For many fans of mixed nuts, this variety is the spice of life, keeping customers coming back for more, long after they tire of eating peanuts or cashew exclusively. 

Nutritionists praise mixed nuts for their many health-related benefits. Nuts offer lots of protein and while high in fat content, they include good monosaturated fats that lower cholesterol levels and help prevent heart disease. Different nuts offer different health benefits. For example, almonds can provide lots of calcium, while peanuts have the highest amounts of folates that aid brain development. Cashews are iron-rich, and walnuts offer the most omega-3 fatty acids.  

Your Source for Mixed Nuts

C.J. Dannemiller Co. offers a wide assortment of mixed nut combinations, from deluxe mixed nuts in salted, unsalted, and sweet and spicy versions to specific party mixes, bulk trail mixes, sweet delight mixes featuring honey-roasted peanuts, and even a special diet-friendly mix with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, raw almonds, and raw cashews. The next time you need fresh, delicious mixed nuts, make C.J. Dannemiller Co. your first stop!  

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