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CJ Dannemiller Co, a family owned and operated bulk nuts supplier, is pleased to announce the completion of Safe Quality Food (SQF) certifications in two different food sectors.

SQF is a food safety and quality management certification system for the food industry, from primary production to transport and distribution. Industry participants interested in better managing overall food safety and hazards can achieve certification to show a commitment to the quality of their products.

“These certifications aren’t required but help show we are going above and beyond in terms of safety, storage and preparation,” said John Dannemiller, President of CJ Dannemiller Co. “This demonstrates our commitment to both current and future customers.”

CJ Dannemiller Co. obtained competency in two sectors including Bakery and Snack Food Processing: Popcorn and Fruit, Vegetable, Nut Processing, and Fruit Juices: nut roasting.

Dannemiller said this multiyear process was important to maintain their trusted customer relationships and stay competitive as a nut manufacturer. Food safety and quality have always been priorities for the CJ Dannemiller family, but now their processes are approved and audited for added customer assurance.

The audit monitors every aspect of a food businesses’ process. SQF certification looks at a business’s suppliers, manufacturing process, storage practices including environment and temperature. It then evaluates production including disinfected work surfaces, cleaning plan and products, worker attire, even the way a business handles first aid, worker illnesses and their cleaning habits like hand washing.

“It was a long process that looks at every aspect of our business,” Dannemiller said. “We are thrilled with the achievement and elevated standards. We can now show a higher level of competency to our clients. We know this will continue to help us grow our capabilities and open new avenues of business.”

To learn more about our SQF certification and what it means to our customers, click here.

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