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From large events to snacking with friends, buy pistachios in bulk for every occasion. With their green color, unique texture and incredible taste, pistachios stand out from other nuts, making them a fan favorite all over the world. At C.J. Dannemiller Co., we sell pistachios that are nutritious and delicious, and that’s why they are an ideal addition to baked goods, meals, candies and salads. Discover some of the many reasons why our pistachios are such a great choice.

Roasted Pistachios in Bulk

Heavenly Taste

Perhaps the very best thing about pistachios is their delicious taste. In fact, people have been enjoying them since 7000 BCE when they first appeared in ancient writings. With a smooth, mild flavor and slightly sweet finish, pistachios make a tasty standalone snack and an easy addition to many recipes.

Heart Health

Pistachios are full of minerals, nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that promote good heart health. Similar to other nuts such as pecans, almonds, peanuts and cashews, pistachios can help people lower their blood pressure and cholesterol – lowering their chances of coronary artery disease and strokes.

Diet & Diabetic Friendly

Compared to many other snack foods, pistachios are a low calorie treat. Even better, they are full of healthy proteins and fats that make us eat less yet feel full. When we eat them in moderation, they can help us manage our diets and control our weight – a winning combination of healthy benefits.

Pistachios in Bulk

Pistachios do not cause spikes in blood sugar, making them safe for diabetics. With their low glycemic index, they can actually help us maintain our sugar levels. That’s great news, as diabetes continues to be a major health concern for millions of people across the country.

Vision Defender

Pistachios are a great source of antioxidants that help us maintain good vision. This is especially beneficial to those who spend their days working in front of a computer. Pistachios help protect us from blue light that gets emitted from electronic devices such as monitors, tablets and smart phones.

Whether you need to place an individual or bulk order, shop our pistachios.

Shop Pistachios in Bulk

  • Pistachios – Shelled, Roasted, Unsalted (Buy Online)

    Pistachios – Shelled, Roasted, Unsalted (Buy Online)

    $266.25 available on subscription
  • Bulk Pistachios – Natural in Shell, Salted

    Bulk Pistachios – Natural in Shell, Salted

    $16.75$145.50 available on subscription
  • Pistachios – Roasted, Salted, Shelled (Buy Online)

    Pistachios – Roasted, Salted, Shelled (Buy Online)

    $14.25$266.25 available on subscription
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