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A healthy immune system can help the body ward off infections and disease, particularly as we age and the immune system weakens. A healthy lifestyle and proper diet have been shown to help improve the immune system. A growing body of research tags nuts as supporting immune system health and protecting the body against disease.

C.J. Dannemiller Co. offers a wide variety of bulk nuts which each contain an array of vitamins and antioxidants. Among other foods that contain high levels of antioxidants, nuts are particularly shelf stable, which makes them a pantry staple and versatile ingredient for consumer recipes or in formulation for food manufacturers.

Antioxidant Power

One of the ways that nuts can aid the immune system is through their antioxidant content. While the body produces its own cohort of antioxidants, experts agree a proper diet rich in antioxidants can neutralize free radicals that cause oxidative stress and thereby reduce the incidence of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes or cancer.

Among nut varieties, walnuts contain “massive amounts of antioxidants.”1 Other nuts named as containing high or significant levels of total antioxidants include: pecans, peanuts, pistachios (all listed as rich sources); and hazelnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, macadamias and cashews (listed as significant sources).

Nuts are generally a great source of zinc. Among nut varieties, as one example, almonds have been extensively researched and supply numerous health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants and one of the world’s best or most concentrated sources of vitamin E2, with several studies linking higher vitamin E intake with lowered risk of heart disease, cancer or Alzheimer’s. Almonds also are high in iron and protein and a good source of healthy fat.

C.J. Dannemiller Co.’s reliable supply chain ensures a consistently fresh and well-stocked inventory of the following nut varieties. Consumers can purchase small quantities directly from the site while bakeries or food manufacturers can contact the company to discuss shipment of larger quantities. Orders typically ship the same day.

Almonds – whole, dry roasted whole, chopped, sliced, slivered, salted, no salt, almond flour

Pistachios – roasted and salted in the shell, or pistachio meats raw or roasted with salt

Walnuts – raw, combination halves & pieces

Cashews – two sizes of whole nuts and three sizes of broken, raw or roasted

Pecans – halves or pieces available in raw, roasted salted or roasted without salt

Macadamias – raw or roasted and salted

Brazil nuts – raw

Hazelnuts (Filberts) – raw, roasted salted, roasted without salt

Peanuts – wide array of raw or roasted products

Discover the benefits nuts can supply to a healthy diet or finished food formulations. Call C.J. Dannemiller at 330-825-7808 (local) or 800-624-8671 (toll-free), a wholesale provider of quality nuts since 1935. Or visit our web site at

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