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The hazelnut, sometimes called filberts, are thought to have originated in eastern and southern Europe, yet references to hazelnuts dot ancient texts from China and evidence of hazelnuts have been found in archeological digs of stone age developments. Whatever their name of origin, this tasty nut variety finds a home in baked goods, entrees and of course, snack mixes and spreads. Food industry experts predict a bright future for bulk hazelnuts with inclusion as a baking ingredient the most promising.

Like many other nut varieties, hazelnuts offer up an impressive nutritional profile, rich in unsaturated fats and high in vitamins B and E, not to mention folate, potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese. Their nutritional profile makes hazelnuts a healthy choice for many reasons, namely heart health and as an abundant source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to protect the body from oxidative stress, with antioxidants helping the body battle aging, cancer and heart disease.

Nutritional benefits aside, many consumers’ familiarity with hazelnuts comes from their use in desserts and confectionery products, although this plant-based protein is Paleo and Keto friendly, as well as gluten- and GMO-free.

Hazelnuts are easy to add to the diet in a snack mix or as an ingredient in other foods. C.J. Dannemiller Co. purchases the freshest bulk hazelnuts available in the finest grade to supply the most consistent size and best quality for our customers. Modern growers are responding to hazelnut popularity and planting increased acreage for greater availability.

We offer bulk hazelnuts in three forms, available by the bag or by the case:

Wholesale Filberts

Hazelnuts – Blanched, Raw

Wholesale Filberts

Hazelnuts – Blanched, roasted, salted

Wholesale Roasted Filbert Nuts Unsalted

Hazelnuts – Blanched, roasted, unsalted

Build a healthy snack mix blending roast hazelnuts with other favorite nut varieties, seeds and dried fruit. Hazelnuts add a rich taste to confections, salads and baked products of all kinds like breads, muffins, cookies, cakes and biscotti. Try a bold flavor combination—while hazelnuts pair naturally with chocolate, consider caramel, coffee, vanilla or sea salt.

Rely on C.J. Dannemiller Co. for our decades of experience purchasing, roasting and supplying the best quality nuts while balancing fair prices for our customers. We make it a point to ship out as swiftly as possible for a timely receipt of the variety of bulk nuts ordered, with most shipping out the same day. Order your bulk hazelnuts today from C.J. Dannemiller Co.

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